Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: I have been in business for 15+ years and have over 20+ years experience personally.

Q: I am building a fence, do I need a permit?
A: No. But you do have to adhere to bylaws regarding setback and heights - especially if you have a corner lot or have a side lot that's larger than your rear yard. Some subdivisions have specific height restrictions aside from the City. Typically, the highest a fence can be is eight feet (8’) with 3-4' setbacks from lot lines. Please visit our Bylaws section to determine setbacks for your City.

Q: I am building a deck, do I need a permit?
A: Any deck 24 inches and above grade, requires a permit. Permits are always the responsibility of the Homeowner and will run you about $105.00 at City Hall. Waterloo and Cambridge have lower fees but ask for small deposits. Now, you can even apply for a permit online.

Q: What building materials are available for my project? 
A: Pressure-treated (PT) is the cheapest, most common material used in decks and is valued for meeting structural load requirements. Cedar is more expensive, but has an all-natural defense against rot and bugs. Cedar also has a nice aroma to it. Vinyl/Composites are the most expensive, but give you far superior life and carry very low maintenance.

Q: Okay, how do you know where the fence goes?
A: The homeowner is responsible for staking the property to indicate where the property lines are located. We recommend that neighbours are consulted to avoid any disputes. We cannot accept responsibility for improperly staked lines.

Q: How do I find the property lines?
A: You should have a copy of your land survey that you received when the property was purchased. If you do not have a copy, you can request a duplicate from City Hall through the Building Division for around $13. Metal stakes may also be buried a few inches below the topsoil. Try poking around with a long tool or screwdriver.

Q: Do I need to find my underground utilities?
A: Yes, it is the homeowner's responsibility to locate all buried utilities, cables, telephone lines, fuel lines, etc. Failure to inform or acquire locates, indemnifies Fred's Fences against any/all claims for damages.

Q: What is the charge for getting the locates?
A: It's free! Save yourself headache and worry. Takes about a week. They don't require you to be home either - typically, the summary is left in your mailbox/door - even by email. Contact them at either or 1-800-400-2255

Q: Will your equipment damage my yard?
A: Under normal conditions, our equipment will not cause any damage. If there's a problem with getting our equipment into the digging location, I'll let you know and offer suggestions.

Q: Can I change my project design once started?
A: For example using a deck: if you're first quoted for a design and then upon signing you decide to have the boards go angled, you would be informed of the additional charges. Another example might be choosing angled corners where before they were regular 90s or needing taller fence boards for where grade may be steeper and to lessen gap under fence. Basically, any change will be determined by new material cost and additional labour involved. Nothing wrong with changes, but it's best that I know as soon as you decide as opposed to finishing project and finding out afterwards.

Q: What do you accept for payment?
A: E-transfer, cash, cheque, credit cards (please add 3%) and we even offer project financing through Home Trust.

Q: What are your payment terms?
A: Deposit = 1/3 of contract, 2nd installment is due once the framing is near/at completion and remaining balance is due upon finish. Some larger projects may be divided by 4 and these are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Do you provide an incentive or deal for large-scale or multiple-neighbor jobs?
A: Yes, discounts are given if you and your neighbor(s) would like all the work to be done at the same time while we're there.

Q: What sort of timeframe does it take for my project to be completed?
A: Depends on the time you book your project. Typically about a week during the busy season. Weather-permitting of course.

Q: I am unsure of how to do some of the things mentioned above.
A: Feel free to talk to me. I am always happy to give advice - even for DIY'ers!